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Costume Contest

2016 Costume Winners

Best Costume Band Member: 1st-Violet Strzynski, 2nd-Sierra Horsely, 3rd-Matthew Hughes

Best Homemade Costume: 1st-Adelyn, Allison & Anna Kunkel, 2nd-Nyla McAlister, 3rd-Carter Grote

Prettiest Costume: 1st-Avery Lansing, 2nd-Bayles Ferguson, 3rd-Emmi McAlister

Uglist Costume: 1st-A.J. Kunkel, 2nd-Anthony Calloway, 3rd-Caz Stryzinski

Best Witch, Ghost, Ghoul or Vampire Costume: 1st-Dallas Terrill, 2nd-Adam Kunkel, 3rd-Billy

Best TV, Movie or Cartoon Character:

6 and under: 1st-Jackson Stryzinski, 2nd-Braydon Ferguson, 3rd-Bree Terrill

7 and Older: 1st-Jordan Davidson, Val-Bret-Nate Jacobs, 2md-Erin & Jayden Jarvis, 3rd-Khloe Ohlmansieki

Miscellaneous Costume: 1st-Alia Petty, 2nd Jackson Lansing, 3rd-Kaylee Petty

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